Google Science Fair: Listening to Music through Vibration

At the age of 14, Jonah Kohn has made great progress in helping the hearing impaired experience music. Through his passion for music, Jonah realized that by utilizing tactile sound, he could invent a device that transmits sound directly into the human body by contact, instead of by sound waves. Specifically, his invention converts sound into vibrations that are applied to different body parts. Jonah was the winner of the 13-14 age group in the 2012 Google Science for his project. 

My study music! This concert is amazing!!

—Dr. Lisa Wong - violinist, pediatrician, and president of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra

Best performance of the night! It helps that I love this song and Sam Smith (original singer), but Josh did an amazing job!



New studies have been emerging highlighting the benefits of music for many diseases, etc.  Who knows, maybe “healing music” will become a major market in the next 10 years.  Could music therapy become a growth industry?  Very interesting and exciting stuff…

Article at

Hear, hear!

Awesome!! This definitely my dream, to do research like Dr. Limb! Also as a huge fan of TED talks, this is his talk “Your Brain on Improv”:

Countdown to Summer 2014! RIC externship and Camp Neuro!

As I’m struggling to study for my final this Friday, I can’t help but be super excited for my summer! My med school gives us 10 weeks between 1st and 2nd year of med school, and so far my summer is jam packed with awesome plans!

First, I’m helping plan for a Camp Neuro, a 1 week academic camp for high school students. I will probably teach a class or workshop on The Musical Brain and/or Neurorehabilitation!

Also, I’m participating in an 8 week program at Northwestern/Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago that combines clinical work and research! SO EXCITED!! Especially since the Rehabilitation Institute Chicago has been the #1 Rehabilitation Hospital for the last 20+ years! I’m hoping I’ll get to rotate in pediatric rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation.

Finally, I was selected to do a weekend course in Neurosurgery 101 at Saint Louis University. 

So, a neuro-filled summer! Of course, I’m taking a week for vacation, and going to two weddings, so I have some “fun” things planned. But to me, everything neuro is fun.

But I’m actually looking forward to my final this Friday, because that means I start my last block of my 1st year of medical school…you guessed it: Neuro!